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Writers’ Tips

Writers’ block seems to be a fearsome term, so I tend to avoid it. I’d rather just realize I’m having trouble getting started today. At times I am disciplined and follow a schedule for writing, other times I just write when I feel motivated.

Sometimes I hear writers say “I don’t know what to write about.” Or, “I can’t seem to get started.” That is a scary place to be and we have all been there at times. Fears and insecurities sneak in, and it’s time to find a way to get around them rather than let them rule us, preventing us from letting our creative little inner child out to play. Here’s one way to deal with this.

Find a comfortable chair and sit down.

Breathe deep and picture a box where you can put the worries and concerns. Drop the concerns in one at a time.

Then take another deep breath and be grateful for all the positive things you can think of.

NOW you are ready to start writing.

Begin by choosing a topic:

  • Your favorite color
  • An early childhood memory
  • And item from your ‘bucket list’ of things you’d like -- to do/places/other people
  • An animal you like/love
  • Anything else you might see around you or perhaps hear nearby

At the top of the page write the topic in a few words and begin. Description may be a good place to start. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, typos or any sort of distraction like that. Just write.
Emotions and feelings may creep in. Good – use them.
Other memories may creep in. Use them too.
Write until you are done. What a relief. Stop and be grateful.
At this point, you may be ready to actually write something you have in mind. Or you might want to make a list of topics you’d like to write about some day.




June Willson Read, Writer, Artist and Teacher
June Read

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