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What can I say? Last year I said I was going to do one thing – I was all excited and prepared – and this year I am doing something else – life keeps offering me diversions and I follow some of them. Let me go back a bit and explain what I mean.

When I was in Wyoming a couple summers ago, (despite a broken kneecap) I met with a number of folks who had additional tales about Dell Burke. I have NOT given up on writing them into a book I probably will title “Legends of Dell Burke and Her Times” – but I did get diverted.

And the diversions are not all fun!! Last October I was walking out of the library here in Greensboro, and without any warning my knee buckled under me throwing me on the floor and I ended up looking like someone had seriously abused me – the dratted rug sure won that round!! If the knee could just give way with no warning, I had to stop ignoring it – that knee was not going to get well on its own. And when I’ll admit it, that is also the same knee with the broken knee cap, and the one that had stubbed a toe and tossed me on the floor several times before. Like this was the last ‘just a warning’ and life in a wheelchair did not sound like fun.

In the meantime, I was having problems seeing the type on the computer screen and the eye doc labeled it cataracts, so it was time to correct that too.

Between the end of December and February 12, I had cataracts on both eyes removed and a total knee replacement. Before Christmas, I had set the goal of getting the western fiction short stories Whistle Creek and Other Wyoming Tales done before I went in for knee surgery – and I made it!! By a couple of days. The crew at Alabaster Book Publishing worked hard to help me meet my deadline!

In the meantime, nagging little thoughts kept saying, ‘but you promised to write up those legends, aren’t you a person of your word?’ Lying in bed is a good place to think about a lot of things – between pain pills. So I decided that while marketing Whistle Creek would be necessary this summer, but so would gathering more Dell Burke stories and pulling them into a manuscript.

Hence, my plan – for now – is to continue to do lots of physical therapy – put together outreach about Whistle Creek and plan to trip to Wyoming to follow up on the legends book as well as see friends and take care of business. I plan to be in or around Lusk throughout July and August.

See you there!




June Willson Read, Writer, Artist and Teacher
June Read

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