June Willson Read, Writer, Artist and Teacher


June Willson Read, Writer, Artist and Teacher

What a time to think about making presentations, let alone making trips – I haven’t been driving for several months, much less standing up to tell people about the new book, Whistle Creek and Other Wyoming Tales – or telling them that Frontier Madam is still available. But ‘tis time to do all of that!!

With a goodly order of both books on hand, the obvious lies ahead of me. So far word of mouth has been fairly productive and I’ve got a good start of sales.

On June 29th, I will be making a presentation at the Hemphill Library in Greensboro.

There are a couple other places here in Greensboro where I’ve had preliminary discussions, but no dates are set yet.

My current plans are to stay in Greensboro through June, and spend July and August in Wyoming.

Sometime while I’m in Wyoming, I look forward to visiting with Dennis Rollins, the Casper documentary producer who has been working on a documentary about Dell Burke and the Yellow Hotel. More on this as plans firm up.

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